Welcome Bar NI Ranch

Located in the Sangre De Cristo mountains of southern Colorado, the Bar NI ranch is a family owned and operated ranch with a vision to pass on the family legacy of land conservation and to ensure the protected and responsible enjoyment of the ranch for current and future generations.

Formerly working timberlands, with herds of cattle in the valleys and domestic sheep grazing above timberline, the 36,000 acre ranch is now home to large herds of wild animals including elk and Bighorn sheep. Additionally, the ranch is surrounded by half a million acres of private and publicly conserved lands.


The ranch is not open to the public.  If you have been invited to make a reservation, or you are affiliated with an organization that has an access agreement with Bar NI, please contact us.

(719) 868-3331 or jenidunlap@thebarniranch.com

More information about the ranch is available for registered family members at the Cabot-Wellington Family Website.

Getting Here

6614 State Highway 12 Weston, CO 81091

The Bar NI Ranch is located in the community of Stonewall, roughly 4 hours south of Denver. Most guests traveling to the ranch either drive from home, or fly into Denver, Colorado Springs, or Albuquerque, NM and rent a car.

719-868-3331 or jenidunlap@thebarniranch.com

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