Staying at the Ranch

About Your Stay

We are not open to the public, but we do welcome guests from all over the world – newcomers and long-time visitors who feel like family.  Our staff is part of a community of caring, dedicated and talented people who look forward to coming together each season.  We are committed to creating experiences that allow everyone to enjoy the wild beauty of the Bar N I in a fun and accessible way.

Check-in & Check-Out

Check-in is preferred to be in the mid-to-late afternoon. Earlier arrivals would be welcome as well, with the understanding that depending on the time of year and guest load, your rooms may not be available to move into until later in the day.

Check-out is following breakfast on the day of departure.


Accommodations are a family-style Lodge.  Rooms have queen or twin beds with a private sink.

Your room will be clean when you arrive and will be cleaned after you leave.  There is no maid service while you are staying at the ranch, but should you need additional sheets or towels please let the staff know, and we will be happy to provide more.

The communal bathrooms are checked daily in the Lodge.


Three meals are provided daily and served family style in the Lodge. The schedule of meal times is posted in the dining area.

Pack lunches are available to take with you, if you would like, but lunches are generally served hot at the Lodge.  

If you have any food allergies or food requests please let the kitchen know as soon as possible.

The bar operates on an honor policy, and guests are encouraged to BYO.


Babysitting Service

Please speak with a staff member about the possibility of childcare. It is an additional cost and dependent on staff schedules.


All of the houses have their own laundry facilities. Laundry detergent is provided and there are an iron and ironing board in the pump-house.

For guests staying in the Lodge, Apartment, and Billings; there are a washer and dryer for your use located in the pump-house adjacent to the Lodge.


There is a large staff- many of whom you may not see. We ask that you leave a tip with your bill at the end of your visit, and not with individual staff members.

Telephone & Internet

Cell phone service is unreliable. Verizon tends to have the best reception in the area but is still affected by the elements.

You are welcome to use one of our land line phones, domestic calls are free. For any extended or overseas calls, we ask that you check in first with a staff member.

Incoming calls to the main ranch number are free of charge and the telephone number is 719-868-3331.

Due to our remote location, there is no wifi capabilities at the ranch. Verizon Wireless “Jetpacks” are available for guests to use as a cellular hotspot for your laptop or pad.  There is a fee for their use and it is important to note that the connection is not robust, the data transfer speed is slow and the cost to upload or download large amounts of data is high for the jetpack user.  While it is possible to stay connected to your online world while at the Bar N I, we recommend that you plan on using a jetpack for email exchange or website viewing vs the transferring of large files or any kind of streaming.

The Local Area

The area surrounding Bar NI is generally remote. However, there are some local attractions that might be of interest and nearby stores that might be of necessity to those seeking supplies.

The Shopping Bag
5 minutes – The Shopping Bag is a convenience store, restaurant, and RV park located on Highway 12 very close to the Bar NI main gate.

The Picketwire Lodge and Store
7 minutes – The Picketwire is a convenience store and lodge located on Highway 12 about one mile east of the Bar NI main gate.

45 minutes – Trinidad is the nearest city to Bar NI. It has several cultural attractions, provides a variety of dining options, and serves as a hub for provisions.

Sand Dunes National Park
2 hours – This National Park provides a unique opportunity to experience sand dunes over 1,000 feet tall, surrounded by soaring snow-capped peaks.

Fire Bans

The ranch follows all Forest Service and County recommendations for fire safety. If there is a fire ban in the area, there will be one at the Bar NI Ranch.

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