Activities at the Ranch

Activities on the Ranch

Horseback riding is always guided by a wrangler.  Vehicle usage, hiking, and fishing are most often self guided, but staff can be made available to guide any of these activities. Maps of the area are available upon request.

Elevation on the ranch is 8,100 feet, with year-round snow covered peaks reaching just below 14,000 feet.  Mid-summer weather is mild in the valley bottoms, but snow and hail can be experienced any month in the high country.

Because the weather can vary tremendously in the mountains, make sure to bring clothes for both hot and cold conditions (as well as rain & snow). Long pants, boots and a hat are must-have for any adventure in the backcountry.  Get up to date weather information here.

Horseback Riding

Girl Riding Horseback

Our herd contains some of the best guest horses you’ll find anywhere. We carefully breed to produce the ideal “mountain horse”, sure-footed enough to handle our mountain trails with ease and grace, steady enough to care for a nervous greenhorn, and athletic and responsive enough to delight a discerning expert.

We train our colts with a gentle thoroughness not only to climb mountains but in all the “ranch versatility” disciplines of arena and cattle work, so our horses can accommodate a vast range of rider ability and interest. Our wranglers will help hone your skills and expand your horizons in entertaining and inspiring ways.

Available May through October based on horse readiness and trail conditions. Any skill level can be accommodated and Wrangler staff is required to assist guests with all horse-related activities.


The ranch has everything from 30-minute strolls on a gravel road to multi-day routes spanning high peaks, many of which reach nearly 14,000 feet.

Maps, guidebooks, and help from staff are available to any guest.


Backcountry tent camping, a backcountry cabin, and RV sites are all available.

The cabin will have cookware for you to use, but you will need to bring your own camping equipment.


Three stocked ponds and several natural creeks are all within walking distance of the Lodge, and several more accessible by horse or vehicle.

Rudimentary fishing gear is available for guest use at the ranch and a local convenience store has additional gear and bait available.

4X4 Vehicles

The ranch has jeeps, rangers, and suburbans available.

Fire Bans

The ranch follows all Forest Service and County recommendations for fire safety. If there is a fire ban in the area, there will be one at the Bar NI Ranch.

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